When I started with Patrol Angis, I realised that I had almost no scenery. So I dug out some tree’s (see Forestry Post) and ordered some buildings from Ion Age.

I ordered what I consider quite a large batch of buildings,

1 * IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome

1 * IAF015J Smashed Hab Dome

2 * IAF015D Tower Module

3 * IAF015 Hab Dome

1 * IAF015E Landing Pad

1 * IAF040 Block House

1 * IAF070 Command Dome


They arrived promptly, and I got to work.

Maybe 15 minutes cleaning the excess resin and working out how I wanted them, them simply some superglue to join them, then a black sprayed undercoat, easy done.

Then to painting, decalling and varnishing, about 3 hours overall, really easy building to work with. A vallejo sombre grey base, with two drybrushes, first cold grey, then another lighter grey (whose name escapes me). Some gunmetal grey and gunmeatl metal shutters over the windows, picked out the cabling in copper  (GW runelord brass), a few indeterminate white patches (gloss white) and some roof decals (from some old GW Imperial Guard decals I had lying about, also some Sister of Battle, handily with Prydian Red & White roses to mark out the buildings), finally a matt varnish, because there going to get a lot of handling

I liked the finished product, some good ‘hard concrete’ sci-fi buildings, exactly what I needed, Expect to see them a lot in upcoming posts!

Excuse the cat hair on the felt, gone two years and still his white fur is on stuff!, also, I am still adapting to website photography!

Cratered Dome (my favourite!)


Smashed Hab Dome


Tower Module


Landing Pad


Block House

Command Dome


Finally, the Hab Domes (in Situ with the other buildings)


Hope you like them!

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