Later Napoleonic Russians

Another of my passions, Napoleonic Russians from Baccus 6mm, part of my 6mm napoleonic collection, that I hope to share in a later posts.

These are intended for use for the 1812+ era, but will proxy Russians for earlier periods, 1805-1809. They are based on 2mm * 60mm * 60mm MDF, two battalions of 24 miniatures, and some skirmishers, numbering 50+ miniatures per base.

As always, Vallejo sand and some flock on the base.

Each base represents 2500 men, artillery bases 30 guns per.

This army is taking a while, every time I start them however I realise the size of the army, and how little an impact my efforts are making!, I could quadruple whats shown on these images, and it’s barely enough for Borodino!






Infantry & Commanders

Finally, an overhead shot


This represents 40,000 Infantry, 5000 Grenadiers and 120 guns, it sounds like a lot, but not for the damned Russians!, Two corp commanders on the larger bases and 8 divisional commanders.

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