Now let me introduce myself, I go by the moniker Bugbear, my ‘nom de guerre’ if you will, in a vain attempt to preserve my privacy outwith the web. My day job is a software developer, I am a Husband and Father, Scottish, living in the Netherlands a few years now, and when not doing other stuff, I try to play some Patrol Angis (with expansions)

I also play Warmachine/Hordes, referred to hereafter as Warmahordes, some Dark Heresy, and of course, some DnD. Plus a few computer games, Elder Scrolls, Warcraft, CM00-01 and Civilisation.

I also collect and paint 6mm Napoleonics (Baccus), Williamite War in Ireland (more Baccus) and have over time have owned or played a LOT of war-games (FoW, WH40K, Bolt Action, Warhamster, Drop Zone/Fleet commander, epic, epic 40K, Fire and Fury, most of Quarries stuff, Blitzkreig Commander and all it’s derivatives, and many, many other)

As for RPG’s, name it, I have probably tried played/ran/abused/broken it over the years, All the DnD from the red box till fifth, all the warhammers, Dark Heresy, CoC, the mighty Shadowrun, Paranoia, Rune Questions, far, far too many to name.