Malig Infantry Ordos

First, let me admit to some bias. I love these guys, from the first second I saw them, I wanted some. Add to that the fact that the first advert I saw from them was reminiscent of an early White Dwarf advert (those old heavy metal ads?), and I was hooked.

Also, I got a spare Juno armed gobbo in the pack, 34 instead of 33, always nice.

I painted them in the same broad colours as the Legionary’s, and again, please note that the Ordos pack  requires you to purchase another 4 Juno rifle armed maligs for the ‘standard’ Ordos. I’ll be doing that soon. 

You get 4 Tesserans (section), Juno Rifles, Support, Hydra Laser Shotguns and ‘not really’ command. The figures themselves are well cast, I had very little to trim on them, I easily based them on my Sarissa 20mm * 3mm MDF bases (prefer there to Ion Age bases, sorry Gavin), some vallejo sandy paste on the bases, sprinkled with some sand. Then black spray paint over them, the vallejo gunmetal grey and the GW mechanicus red, two vallejo greens for the goblin skin, glorious gold and silver for the highlights, flat earth for the leather, glossy black for the boots, white for the eyes, and were nearly done.

They heavy weapons and the ‘power packs’ all got ‘ORANGE’ on them, to pick them out slightly, but overall it’s my preferred ‘darker’ colour scheme for the Stygian Legion. 

And lets not forget wee Senga with her pan. Doesn’t she look…., I don’t know, something…


Command Tesseran


Support Tesseran



Hydra Shotgun Tesseran


Juno Rifle Tesseran


And some general images of the Ordos


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