I do not have a lot of 15mm scenery (mostly 6mm), so the means I need to get modelling some stuff.

Now, a few years ago, I bought a pack of coniferous trees from the local (now closed, šŸ™ ) model rail shop, used one to make a christmas tree for a warmahordes dungeon (don’t ask), and the rest just sat in my cupboards for about two years. Happily I now have a use for them, as the forests of Carmarthen Prime.

Here’s a guide as to how I assembled these for the table top, expect to see these trees in all the upcoming pictures!


First, here’s the warmahordes dungeonĀ  Xmas tree


Xmas Tree


So, I had to model some more, here my steps.

Step One, Assemble all the items I am going to need.

3mm * 30mm MDF bases, the trees and some glue, Vallejo Sandy Paste, some paint and flock plus MDF bases are from Sarissa Precission,

Step Two, Sorting everything out, the bases and the trees. And clean the table first (and after, else significant other will be upset, and the wee man will get covered in it)

Step Three, Count everything, see how much of everything is required.


Step Four, Glueing plastic stumps to MDF, Just a spot of cyano-acrylate (superglue) needed here, no kids or pets close at this stage.

Step Five, Some vallejo sandy paste! painted thick onto the MDF, it looks good and provides more stability (due to weight)


Step Six, Paint the bases up when the bases are dry. Vallejo for me, Black, Charred Brown, then a Flat Earth drybrush.

Step Seven, superglue the trees into the stumps, and flock the bases (also added some clumps, just a few), and were done.


I realise now I should show how I flocked the bases separate, but this whole blogging thing is a learning curve!, good luck with your own Forestry!

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