Hello and welcome to my site, a general wargames and blogging site for me, previously a fan site dedicated (primarily) to The Ion Age.

Whilst I can no longer dedicate myself to any one game, I will now be expanding this site to include all my gaming interests.

The old ‘Blurb’

I was aware of The Ion Age for a few years now, and in May 2017 decided to buy the skirmish war-game pack, this was promptly delivered, and a lance of knights was painted in Prydian colours. I was disappointed!, I did not like the feel of the Retained Knights, and the rules felt, well, ‘simplistic’. So I shelved them, and almost binned them in a clear out!!

About 6 months later I came across them again, and viewed them in a different light, after a retouch of the colour scheme, and painting the Duxis battle suits (the best Prydian models IMHO), they grew on me. So I tried the rules in a few skirmishes, and came to like them for what they are, a one hour wargame, exactly as advertised.

Then I got serious.

The Shia Khan models were ordered (a Legion Ordos (naughty elf platoon)), along with the rules. Now I am addicted, the game actually has some real depth, more than I expected. It was then I saw another blog, The Great Space Opera posted on the Ion Age site, and I thought, ‘I can do that’.

Time to prove myself wrong…

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