Walkers and Mechs and Droids!, oh my!

Big bastard robots with festooned with lasers, guns and missiles. Be it a a piloted rig, a drone, a robot, some sort of armoured amniotic case, a drooling organic beast with acid for blood or a shielded frame with an exposed pilot, anything that stalks the battlefield on legs and fits into the above category Read more about Walkers and Mechs and Droids!, oh my![…]

Orders, for four Rock Salmon and a ha’penny worth of chips…

“4th Shank’Har, remove the prey from the tall nesting structure one hundred metres to your left, no survivors. 3rd Shank’Har, curse the wheeled prey vehicles near the river crossing with your fire blossoms. 2nd and 5th Shank’Har, draw whetted claws, we will rend the prey gathered by the energy source structure, the fear-killer with the Read more about Orders, for four Rock Salmon and a ha’penny worth of chips…[…]

Artillery, The Emperors Beautiful Daughters

Artillery, weapons able to launch munitions beyond the range of Infantry. Thats one preferred definition. It’s the Heavy Stuff, Rockets, Missiles, Shells, Plasma & Laser, plus everything else designed to cause harm to large objects from far away. Simples. Operated by the finest soldiers in your army, these titans amongst men will do all in Read more about Artillery, The Emperors Beautiful Daughters[…]

Infantry and Vehicles, imperfect harmony….

First, mechanised is spelt correctly, no damn z. Secondly,  what are they?, well, Infantry trained to get out a series of small door/hatches in a logical order from an unsuitably small vehicle that may still be moving and is probably not well maintained whilst encumbered with Weapons, Armour, Webbing, Bergen and Officers Instructions. And being able Read more about Infantry and Vehicles, imperfect harmony….[…]

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Vehicles. Treads. Sleds. Rollers. Blowers and Gravs. The method of propulsion is not really that relevant, it’s a platform for transporting troops or ordnance on the battlefield in as safe a manner as possible, and delivering their cargo to the correct destination as quickly as possible. It’s a vehicle, be it a Tank, APC, IFV, Read more about Where does he get those wonderful toys?[…]

You’ve got your boots on, you can walk into combat

Infantry, the poor bloody infantry. Those daft bastards who venture onto the battlefield to put themselves in harms way to defend the values of their political masters, or enforce to the will of the peace loving peoples of their home nations. I intend to cover the absolute basics of infantry operations here, platoon coherency, visibility, Read more about You’ve got your boots on, you can walk into combat[…]

Untitled 6mm Sci-Fi Wargames Rules

Whats this all about?, well it is intended as a simple 6mm, relatively hard, science fiction war-game at the company level, where you are playing the commander of the aforesaid company and any attached assets, typically a Major or a Captain (with relevant equivalencies in various non-english speaking armies). Maybe 8-20 Vehicles and 8-20 Infantry Read more about Untitled 6mm Sci-Fi Wargames Rules[…]