Hurwent Shield Generator

Now, continuing along the scenery path, I have no buildings or any such for 15mm, so I have dug out some ‘Shield Generators’ I had in the cupboards for a few years now, intended to be used for Epic. Now they are ‘Hurwent Shield Generators’ (till theIonAge release some!) from secret weapon miniatures.

They will make an excellent objective markers, or just general scenery. Now I have attached some picture (obviously), they look a lot better in real life, and I realise am no photographer (again, a lot to learn, like how to take better pictures for the blog). But they do look good on the table!

All painted in Vallejo of course, will be using this scheme for the large order of buildings I have underway from theIonAge, I want to have a good range of scenery available for my table.

Colours used – Sombre Grey base, with Wolf Grey and Cold Grey highlights, for the ‘concrete’, Electric Blue, Sky Blue and White for the ’emitters’?, and Brass and Glorious gold for the ‘turbines’? and wall studs.

And I realise that I need a new table, but thats another post…


Hurwent Shield Generators

Hurwent Shield Generators


I think they look the business, and fit in really well with the theme of the game. You’ll be seeing these in the background of a LOT more posts, hope you like them

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