Legion Ordos

I ordered a Legion Ordos, from Ion Age, essentially the regular troops of the Khanate.

It was viewing these models that got me into the Ion Age, I think they are excellent, the whole look and feel of them is perfect, they look like the ‘bad guys’, even my three year old instantly told me they were the ‘baddies’ when he seen them finished.

Now, I decided to paint them in a very similar scheme to those pictured on the Ion Age site, a bit darker though, more of a contrast to the Prydians, I think is space opera, the baddies should look bad!


First, the Maia Mpi (smg) Tesseran (section)


Second, the Juno Laser Rifles (assault rifles), essentially the regular weapon of the Khanate, I expect to be painting a lot of these over time.


Third the Support Section, armed with Atomic Destabilisers (now isn’t that just a great name for a heavy weapon)

Fourth, the command section, I have one axe to grind here, this section comes with two casualties and two support rifles instead of the four Juno rifles it required, this should be mentioned under the listing on the Ion Age site!, that aside, lovely models, feels like a command section.

Fifth, the unique miniature, the sniper (and includes the freebie female legionnaire as his spotter)


Finally an overview of the whole Ordos, in situ with the generators and trees I have been working on.


I think these models look excellent, and I am looking forward to expanding the range, Malig, Pychoborg, Warlords, Pioneers, the whole nine yards

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