Big Order No.1

Well, over the Xmas holidays 2017, I placed some, what I consider, large orders with theIonAge. These have now shipped and are well underway to here in the Netherlands.

And of course I used the rewards system to get my 10% reduction!

Now what did I order?, quite a lot. Here is a breakdown.

1 * IAF035A Red Adder Combat Car, I want to get an idea of what these are like, they certainly look good, but as always, you need to see the model up close and paint it to get make a proper evaluation.

3 * IAF015 Infernus Tank, Three of these brilliant looking and whacky Malig tanks.

3 * IAF007 Canthus Motorcycle, because they look unique and excellent!

1 * IAFP01 Malig Ordos, cos gobbos, dats why! Seriously though, a screen of expendable Maligs, who can resist? (again though, I did not realise I needed 4 more Malisg with juno rifles to assemble a ‘correct’ Ordos, this should be an option on theIonAge site)

1 * IAFP04 Muster Platoon Pack, want to review these guys, see what they are like, and expand my Prydian Levy.

1 * IAF008 Retained Knight Post Charlie, again, expanding my Prydian Levy, and more Retained Knights are always welcome

Scenics, as stated I lack 15mm scenery, so a large part of this order was a batch of buildings

1 * IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome

1 * IAF015J Smashed Hab Dome

2 * IAF015D Tower Module

3 * IAF015 Hab Dome

1 * IAF015E Landing Pad

1 * IAF040 Block House

1 * IAF070 Command Dome


By my reckoning thats quite a large order, plenty of Khanate, including some core elements (Maligs), a few more Prydians to increase the size of the games, and scenery, else I’ll have a pretty bare battlefield overall!

I intend to review each element of the order in future posts, showing how I paint and model them.

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