Ok, page 58 of The Khanate Returns introduces the Humanscare rule (essentially Psycoborgs are terrifying to humans via an unknown method).

This rules state roll a D6, on an even number (1,3,5) stuff happens (see the rules).


Well first, I changed that to a D8, and on an even number (1,3,5,7), stuff happens (use the D8, there is a bucket of them nearby), this retains exactly the same percentage chance.

Now, it states in P.30, The Khanate returns, that it’s hard for regular troops, and challenging for Retained to operate against Humanscare, so I suggest changing it, so that only on a D8 roll of 1,3,5, Retained Knights are affected (12.5% reduction in effectiveness). The retained are supposed to be the elite of the Prydian Levy, lets give them something to represent that!


AND, if your troops have the Veteran Special rule, reduce the odds by one further (12.5%), this means that veteran Retained will only be affected by Humanscare 25% of the time.


Something nice for the points you pay, reducing the effectiveness of the overpowered Psychoborgs a little.


Tell me what you think!



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