Belkus Labyrinth

I liked this idea from the beginning, the great twisting underground labyrinth where the Khanate gained access to the Prydian Precint via the ancient matter gateway. Here was fought the initial battle between the Prydians and the Khanate, I suspect that because I could also use the 3D printed dungeon terrain  I owned, I had an immediate image of a battle between the Knights and Legionaries battling in these vast tunnels (I later read in the Khanate Returns expansion the battle was primarily between Planetary Militia and Legionaries, but why let that ruin a good idea!)

With this in mind, I played out a small scenario with a Retained Lance Versus a Legion Ordos, this is some of the images taken (some were posed after the game). It’s a small game in a  contained area, exceptionally violent!!


Both sides encounter each other in the Belkus Labyrinth


Face off

Khanate Legionaires pour through a breach in the wall

Where they are met by the Retained Knights of the Prydian Levy.

Other views of the forming Legion line (front and rear), Juno Laser Rifles and Mpia’s to the fore

Behind them, the Ordos command leads the  support tesseran with the Apollo Atomic Destabilisers,

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