Big Order No.2

I have placed another big order with theIonAge, the release of the Khanate Attack Orbs and new Legionnaires piqued my interest. And of course, some Prydians are included. Now these were ordered as part of the early supporter offer, so will be another 2 weeks or so before they are even shipped, enough time to dent Big Order No.1. I hope!

1 * IAF014 Retained Knight Lance Command Beta, as I have no suitable commanders for my lances!

1 * IAFP03 Desteria Lance, heavy power armoured infantry, who can say no.

1 * IAF100F Taranis Tacked Laser MBT turret, a super heavy tank, and it looks VERY nice.

3 * IAF136 Manus APC, these seem to the standard APC of the khanate, and look gorgeous, I have ordered enough for an Mechanised Ordos.

2 * IAF006 Legionary 1st Tesseran – Juno Rifles, plus 4 loose riflemen, 20 in total, filling ins some holes in my Ordos.

1 * IAF123 Legionary 4th Tesseran – Command, another Ordos command section.

1 * IAF134 Psychoborgs, 6 of these bad guys, enough for 2 Tesserans, certainly one of the more unique elements of the Khanate armies.

1 * Orb Bundle one, 3 of each of the new Attack Orbs, plus a Tesseran with Laser Shotguns.


A pretty large expansion again, lots of Khanate, with all the unique elements that make there army seem quite so unique.

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