Attack Orbs

Attack Orbs.

What image does that phrase bring to mind, if it is not large, deadly ‘monowheel’ killer machines, there is probably something wrong with your mental imagery.

Don’t worry, Gavin at theIonAge is trying to correct that with his latest releases (well, they were when this was written, at there release rate, I could be out of date at the end of this sentence…), Attack Orbs. These models are lovely, I am really taken with the whole look.

Disclaimer, I love all the Khanate stuff, so be warned, I am bias.

I ordered these guys ‘early supporter‘, and got them 2-3 days earlier than promised, so that was nice!, they were a doddle to model, and the paint job as always was just a copy of the ‘standard’ Khanate pattern, darkened a little to suit my tastes.

Some posed images to just show them off, I am so looking forward to using them, really do not care how effective they are, I just want to see these guys on the table.


These look awesome, hope you like the images.

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