Musings on the origin of the Shia Khan

Some randoms musings today.

Who are the Shia Khan? This race that has seemingly conquered most of the galaxy, forcing at least seven client races (Perinax, Malig, Warlords, Beotan, Saurid, Elves, Some humans) to fight for them.

Now it’s implied that some form of psychic control is used with the human betrayers, so lets presume some sort of similar mechanism with some of the other client races, or is it a more basic ‘Mongol tactic’ of fight for us or your worlds are forfeit?, I suspect a combination.

Heres my three thoughts

  1. Elder elves, some form of eldar elves, commanding the ‘legionnaire’ elves, and these have dominated the rest of this elven society into conquest of the galaxy.
  2. Aliens, a psychically powerful race simply dominating everyone into doing there bidding.
  3. Orcs, there missing from the ‘pantheon’, is there a breed of orcs out there who are doing a ‘Mongol’ on the races of the galaxy, forcing them to provide client armies to conquer others?, this is my favourite, a race of Orcs with the technical or psychic ability to control others, at the heart of the Shia Khan.

Whats your thoughts?

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