Infernus Tanks

Again, I love these crazy bastards. Only Goblins would dare use such a dangerous weapon, it’s rule for random movement is hilarious, and whilst I have not played enough games to see it in full effect, I cannot wait till were rolling one into a building or over a cliff during a game.

As you can see from the images, I again went with something very similar in style to the ‘official’ colour scheme from theIonAge, but darker, as I like it. Some rune lord brass, highlighted with vallejo brass, gunmetal grey highlighted with silver, all very simple, but also quite effective.

I only put a commander on one, because tanks should be buttoned up in combat, yes, even goblin tanks, it also makes it easier to designate a command element!

A lot of character in these models, and VERY simple to assemble, I regret not pinning them beforehand now, but I know better for next time. I got away with it though…


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