Setup, Miniatures, Dice and Measuring

Ok, how do I setup a game I hear you ask? (Well, the first play testers asked anyway). Well here is how to setup a basic game.

Also, a wee note on Miniatures and Dice

9.0 – Setup

You can use any size of table you have, but recommend at least 100 cm * 100 cm, ideally, 120 cm * 120 cm (approx 4’ by 4’ for the imperially inclined).

In the basic game, we will always presume an encounter battle. in the deployment phase, every formation may deploy up to its entire movement (no bonuses OR penalties applied) onto the table. Unit coherency MUST be maintained.

There is no hidden deployment in the basic versions of the game.

ADD IMAGE (ISMC Force deployed)

9.1 – Scenery

Attempt to ensure at least one 10 cm * 10 cm (minimum) piece of scenery per quarter of the table, this is the minimum. Ideally, each player should place one piece of scenery per quarter (a total of eight).

Then place the last piece of 10 cm * 10 cm (min) scenery over the centre point of the table (yes, the exact point were the tape measures meet in the middle of the table). This SHOULD be LoS blocking if possible.

At least half of all scenery should be LoS blocking to Infantry and Vehicles, preferably more.

So in total, nine 10 cm * 10 cm pieces of scenery per table.

ADD IMAGE (Woods, Buildings, Hills)

9.1.1 – Ten-By-Ten

This is a recommended minimum size, but be creative, 5 cm * 20 cm is also good, use your best judgement, this is not supposed to be an uber competitive game, it’s supposed to be fun. If you cannot agree, ten-by-ten it is.

9.1 – Miniatures

This whole game has been designed for use with 6mm (and 10mm) sci-fi miniatures. You could use marked bases if you wish, but miniatures to add the to impact of the game.

9.1.1 – Basing

All the miniatures used in the game should be based. 30 mm Hexagons are the preferred method of the author, but as long and the players agree, it can be any standard.

ADD IMAGE (Various basing standards)

9.2 – Dice

We use a D10 for this whole game. nothing else. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) sometimes though,  you may see references to a scatter dice or a D5. these both still mean a D10, just used a bit differently.

D5, either use a D10/2, rounding down to a minimum of 1 OR D10, and if you score 6+, deduct five, your choice.

Both players use the same method, and for what it is worth, if you cannot agree (and why not, are you 14?), use D10/2 method.

Scatter dice, (ADD DIAGRAM) 1-8 Cardinal compass points, 9 or 0, ignore or re-roll dependent upon circumstances.

9.3 – Measuring

You measure from base edge to base edge. Nothing else, no gun barrels or proboscis.

Pre-measuring is always allowed, we presume that the individuals in question are trained well enough in the use of their weapons to be able to judge their range.

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