Untitled 6mm Sci-Fi Wargames Rules

Whats this all about?, well it is intended as a simple 6mm, relatively hard, science fiction war-game at the company level, where you are playing the commander of the aforesaid company and any attached assets, typically a Major or a Captain (with relevant equivalencies in various non-english speaking armies). Maybe 8-20 Vehicles and 8-20 Infantry models per side, a game done in 1-2 hours max. Now, I have played MANY 6mm war-games over the years, sci-fi and others, and whilst I have enjoyed most of them, they never felt quite ‘right’ to me, always missing something, so I have decided to put up or shut up and write my own rules to see if I can capture what feels ‘right’ to me in these games.

This has been inspired from so many sources, Battletech, Future War Commander, Dirtside, Epic (All incarnations), FUBAR, OGRE, Horizon Wars, Dropzone Commander, Abnetts novels, Scalzi’s novels, the Expanse and many, many others. I have played all the games listed (& read the novels!), and have enjoyed some of them tremendously, others, not so much. I want a simple game, with some command and control, one type of dice to use, not a thousand modifiers to remember, and not 30+ dice to be thrown at once. Let’s see what I can come up with.

I hope that these rules will cover Electronic Warfare, Walkers (this includes Mecha), Armoured Combat, Airborne Operations, Drone warfare, Orbital Artillery and all the other forms of futuristic warfare that I would expect to be available to myself in a game.

I shall be breaking these rules up though, a basic version first with the basic concepts, the a more advanced version with all the bells and whistles! (Drones, Artillery and EW all come in the advanced version).

So, lets get started…

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