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My first post in quite a while!

This is my Polybian Roman Army for the Punic wars, inspired by‘s Trebbia game.

I have assembled the entire Roman army for the Battle of Cannae at this stage, and I am now working on the Carthiginians after a long break.

Btw, if you want to know more about Cannae, watch this idiot Lindy Beige, he is brilliant!, very entertaining, knowledgeable and eccentric

Now, all the pictured figures are based on 40mm * 40mm * 3mm MDF, the standard for Age of Hannibal (Little Wars again), the army consists of the following elements

Note this army was initially built to refight Cannae with AoH rules.


  • 10 Hastatii (Hand Weapons, Heavy Infantry)
  • 10 Principes (Hand Weapons, Heavy Infantry)
  • 6 Triarii (Spear, Heavy Infantry)
  • 8 Velites (Skirmish, Light Infantry)
  • 4 Equites (Medium Cavalry)
  • 4 General (1 Junior and 1 Senior)


  • 12 Italian Hoplites (Spear, Heavy Infantry)
  • 10 Campanian Alae (Hand Weapons, Medium Infantry)
  • 8 Oscan Light Infantry (Light Infantry)
  • 5 (of 6) Latin Peltasts (Skirmishers)
  • 4 Latin Cavalry (Medium Cavalry)


Medium Infantry (Campanian) – Irregular formation, with ‘skirmishers’, 18 figures per
Medium Cavalry – 2 ranks of 5 figures, 10 figures per
Skirmishers – ‘Cloud’ of 8 figures, 8 figures per
General – 3+ Mounted figures on a 30mm * 3mm circular base

Roman Army, left to right, I am no great photographer, but the figures themselves really helped with this

Latin Cavarly, Campanian Ale & Oscan Infantry
Campanian Ale & Oscan Infantry
Roman Infantry & Oscan Infantry
Roman Infantry & Velites
Roman Infantry & Velites
Italian Hoplites & Velites
Italian Hoplites & Velites
Roman Cavalry

And now, the same again, except top down.

Left wing, top down
Left wing continued, top down
Centre, top down
right wing, top down

Thats all for now, just a little something to kickstart the site again.

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