Well, a new post finally!

I have been photographing my Carthaginian collection, and want to share it here.

This is not for any specific battle, just more of a ‘collection photoshoot’, but he army is laid out in a vaguely Cannae formation.

Now, all the pictured figures are based on 40mm * 40mm * 3mm MDF, the standard for Age of Hannibal (Little Wars again), the army consists of the following elements

Note this army was initially built to refight Cannae with AoH rules.

Carthaginian Army, Right to Left

Celtic Heavy Cavalry and Peoni Spearmen
Iberians & more Celts
Peoni Spearmen, Iberian Cavalry and the dreaded Moorish Light Cavalry

And Hannibal Himself!!

And the Skirmish line with added Elephants…

Balearic Slinger
More Slingers
Numidian Javelinmen

And from the Left hand side!

and an overview shot

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