Orders, for four Rock Salmon and a ha’penny worth of chips…

“4th Shank’Har, remove the prey from the tall nesting structure one hundred metres to your left, no survivors. 3rd Shank’Har, curse the wheeled prey vehicles near the river crossing with your fire blossoms. 2nd and 5th Shank’Har, draw whetted claws, we will rend the prey gathered by the energy source structure, the fear-killer with the most prey skull trophies will breed with me tonight!”

  • Literal translation of the Orders issued by the Krr’ik war-mother at the Battle of Tenmius Prime, intercepted by recon section Omega-2,  IXth Marine Expeditionary Force, ISMC

Orders are supposedly issued on the battlefield by higher ranking command elements to conduct the course of a battle, and to change in your favour. In reality, it’s a series of idea’s dreamt up by people not close to the action to try and show that they have a handle on things, and pretend that the poor bastards in the ground are commanded and not completely winging it from moment to moment in the panic to stay alive. 

I have no doubt there are other more succinct interpretations of what Orders are, but they can go write their own rulebooks.

5.0 – Orders

Orders are what are issued to formations in this game. Consult the relevant chapter to see what orders may be issued to which type of formation (Currently Infantry Platoon, Mechanised Platoon, Vehicle Squadron & Artillery Battery). 

Every formation generates one order for itself that me ONLY be issued to that formation.

It is possible to issue TWO (or more) orders to a Formations, if the commander is exceptionally talented, this will be covered in the Advanced Rules.

Again, keeping it simple, every Formation generates an Order, the commander decides what that Order is. The commander MAY choose not to use that Order if they so choose.

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