Artillery, The Emperors Beautiful Daughters

Artillery, weapons able to launch munitions beyond the range of Infantry. Thats one preferred definition. It’s the Heavy Stuff, Rockets, Missiles, Shells, Plasma & Laser, plus everything else designed to cause harm to large objects from far away. Simples. Operated by the finest soldiers in your army, these titans amongst men will do all in their power to achieve their commanders orders, and then blame the dodgy tubes on their gear when they do not.

4.0 – Artillery

In keeping with making these rules as simple as possible, we will simply class artillery as a Vehicle, with Heavy Weapon Points that is capable of indirect fire with an infinite tabletop range. Without indirect fire, it’s just a vehicle, limited to about 2km range on out tabletop, and yes, they can fire further, but that’s out working limit. (Note, at a  later date, vehicles that fire directly over 2km maybe considered as artillery.)

4.0.1 – Artillery Battery (Formation)

This is a Formation of vehicles who all have the ‘Artillery’ designation in their notes section of the Profile. It’s that simple.

4.0.2 – Orders

Artillery Batteries (Formations) are given Orders exactly as any normal Vehicle Squadron. Note, firing Indirectly, it is best to have given your Artillery Battery an Engage Order to compensate the Indirect Fire penalty.

4.0.3 – Spotters and Line of Sight

Any Friendly formation that has acted this turn, and is NOT engaged in Assault or Close Combat may spot for an Artillery Battery. The Artillery Battery may fire at any target these formation has LoS to, ignoring all other terrain factors. Again, very simple

4.0.4 – Indirect Fire

Artillery fires as Vehicle Heavy Weapons (2.6.2), with the following additional modifier, when required. Artillery may NOT use their Firefight score for Indirect Fire. If you cannot see it, and some other element in your force can, you may fire at the target Indirectly.

Description Modifier Notes
Indirect Fire +1

Example Artillery Vehicle

Based this example on Stratos Mini’s Kui (

Description Type Movement Firefight Heavy Weapon Damage Capacity Armour Notes Points
Kuǐ Missile Carrier Vehicle 20cm/10cm 2/1 4/1 1 2 Artillery 20

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