Order No. 3

Well time for another Order.

This time, a mainly boring one, but essential for long term sanity, I’ll be a wedge of bases mainly, but also, the new Beotan Ordos (Werewolves in space!!! (sing that like pigs in space to get an idea of what I mean)).

I’ll also bet getting 6 Warlords so I can form two Demos (squads) for them.

Also, some extra Beotan Juno rifles, to balance out the dead guys, because dead werewolves model ARE good, but I prefer everyone alive when the game starts, feels odd to me to be moving dead bodies as part of a squad…

So, a lot of 8 slot bases (for my first two Ordos), and various 2 slot, 10 slot, 5 slot and large slot bases for the rest.

Again, no the most exciting, but it will make games go so much faster not having to move 32 models every time a platoon moves!!


The exact details, in case your interested in something similiar

2 * IAF133 Legion Gun Platform Crew (as Spotters for my snipers…)

1 * IAF155 Beotan 1st Tesseran – Juno RiflePose 2 (to replace a dead fleabag)

1 * IAF155 Beotan 1st Tesseran – Juno RiflePose 6  (to replace another dead fleabag)

1 * IAF039 Khanate WarlordsBuy One Random Warlord

1 * IAF039 Khanate WarlordsPack of Five Warlords

1 *  IAFP12 Beotan Ordos (Platoon Pack) with Unique Miniature

1 * IAF077H Troop Element Base (Battlesuits and Bikes) (4) (Psychoborgs and Warlords)

1 * IAF077A Troop Element Base (2 Slot) (4) (Snipers)

1 * IAF077D Troop Element Base (5 Slot) (4) (Prydian Desteria)

4 * IAF077E Troop Element Base (8 Slot) (2) (Two of what will be Four Ordos)

1 * IAF077F Troop Element Base (10 Slot) (2) (Prydians)


And I need to get a move on with my Desteria, Second Legionary Ordos, Psychoborgs, big tank thingie, etc…




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