House Mochrums Desteria Lance

Here we are, House Mochrums Desteria Lance, from theIonAge range. I like these guys, they have more of a ‘Knightly’ feel about them than the regular Prydian Knights.

They are essentially the shock troops of the Prydian Army, with powerful short ranged weapons, a power fist and powered armour.


Painting and Modelling

Well it was 20mm * 3mm Sarrissa MDF with Vallejo Sandy Paste and some sand, as always.

Sprayed Black.

A base of Foundation White, drybrushed Gloss White, a black wash which was mostly ‘dabbed’ off, leaving only the crevices filled.

Then another Gloss White drybrush once that had dried.

Then on the base, a Charred Brown all over with a Bestial Brown drybrush.

Mechanicum Red on the Pauldrons and eye slots, with the eye slots then built up on Vermillion, Orange & Yellow in smaller layers to make the ‘eye visor’ effect.

Polished Gold on the Pauldrons edges, Body cross, Knees & Arm Joints. (And the helm crests where needed)

And because it’s House Mochrum, Magic Blue with a Electric Blue drybrush on the Plumage.

All the weapons are gunmetal grey, highlighted in gunmetal, all very simple.




The HQ Section



Troop sections and the Commander and Hero


Desteria in a built up area…


Shot of a Desteria in my favourite building




And advancing with some armoured support.


Thats it, House Mochrums Desteria Lance, quite happy with them, but also the last Prydians I do for a while, going to focus on the Legion for a while now.



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