Psychoborgs!!, Easily the most overpowered unit in the Legion arsenal. Robot warriors that somehow generate a field of ‘humanscare’ an ability that makes even the staunchest and most disciplined soldiers stop in terror, and those persons of lesser moral fibre, such as the %$#^&* (fill in your own bias here, I’ll say Eastern Gibrovians), flee in terror!


Every time you go to shoot them, there is a 50% chance you lose your action. Then they kill you. Seriously overpowered, but as I am playing Legion, I don’t care quite so much, I even have two Tesserans of them, here are some piccies.




A comparison shot above, just to help you realise there size.


From behind ofc


Obligatory, ‘model in wrecked house’ shot



I really like these Death Robots, and I hope you do too.

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