Prydian Armour (Volume 1)

Prydian Armour. That’s a nice phrase, let you know that some Taranis Heavy MBT’s are around, a comforting thought, even for a retained knight.

In this case it’s a Taranis Tracked MBT with Laser Turret and a Red Adder Wheeled Combat Car rolling along in support.


Now, I built the Red Adder a few weeks ago and it was so simple, and it’s a really good model. However, I made a total arse up of the Taranis, but because it’s a nice model, it’s hard to tell!

The Taranis has some horrible gaps that I was to impatient to fix properly, and it rocks on a flat surface as I misaligned the tracks, maybe theIonAge should think about some guide notches on the moulds to help impatient idiots like me!

All that aside, the models are good, the really looked the business, and when painted and decaled up, fit right in.

I painted all of mine in Vallejo Russian Green with some Gunmetal Grey tracks/guns or Black wheels, really simple paint job, but it comes out well.

Decalled the models with the ‘Fluer-De-Lys’ of House Mochrum, and the Prydian Rose (not in any way some old GW decals I had lying around…), and a Matt Varnish coat.

Now for some images, ignore that cat hairs please, the fat bastards been gone three years and were still finding his hairs on stuff…








I think they look great, I really want the Mullo back so I can Mechanise House Mochrum!!

Regards, Bugbear.



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