Duxis Battlesuits & the 14th Baron Mochran

It occurred to me that I never really pictured the Duxis battlesuits in my post on the starter pack. And as I got 2 new ones with Big Order No.1, I thought I should give them there own post, especially as I am going to use one as my Barons own personal armour.

These are really easy to build, I put them on some 30mm * 3mm Sarissa MDF, and the usual basing procedure (vallejo sandy paste and sand sprinkled on top), sprayed black, charred brown base with some flat earth/bestial brown drybrush

I have five in total, Three with ranged weapons and Two with melee. I want for a ‘Division of the field,  pale and argent’ for there heraldry (half red and half white). I picked out some elements in blue and orange on the weapons to show cabling, etc. but mostly stuck to the red and white. The ‘boosters’ are all gunmetal grey, highlighted silver, and the visors are red, and orange, with a little yellow.

And a matt varnish ofc.

I painted the Barons shield in the house colours, he has decided his House colours must be used, House Mochrum must be seen to have answered the Aeddan Councils call.

Add a few decals from some old GW stuff, and voila, some pretty nice battlesuits, looking forward to seeing them on the table.


Last one looks like a selfie stick!!


The Baron and his escort (with a Prydian rose on his shield)

House Mochrums Colours on the baron shield

The 14th Baron Mochrum with big flame/power type sword


I am really happy these, for me, the best Prydian models!


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